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Cater Chemicals Corp., Suburban-Chicago based, was founded in 1991, as a Global Brand for
Indiana Chem-Port, which was founded in 1979.  Since then, we have been striving constantly to
become the worldwide leading manufacturer of top quality reagents and detergents. With our
committed vision to expand, further development progressed in India with the addition of two
production PLANTS: Buradon Inc. and Allipo Chemicals.  With this growth came the ability to
supply to a wide variety of commercial markets around the world including global leaders in
Pharmaceuticals, Electronics, Food Processing Plants, and Research Facilities. 

To provide our customers with the utmost quality products
by maintaining our dedication to efficiently produce high
quality grade Reagents and Detergents with a timely
production approach.

Mission Statement:
While maintaining our passion for the chemical industry,
Cater Chemicals will continue to improve our production levels,
increase efficiency, and raise the high standard of customer
service we now provide to further enhance the standard of
quality we have set forth in this industry.

Quality Assurance:
At Cater Chemicals, we are determined to ensure our
clients the absolute highest quality products. Every product
we produce is made using the most sophisticated equipment
and advanced techniques. All of our manufactured goods
undergo rigorous quality control tests, starting with the
incoming raw materials and ending with a complete inspection
of the finished product(s), performed by our team of highly
trained associates.


Cater Chemicals Corporation • 30 Monaco Drive • Roselle, IL 60172