This biodegradable concentrated blend of wetting, penetrating and high foaming agents formula is applicable to all types of surfaces like aluminum, tin, chrome, brass, nickel, glass, wood, porcelain, concrete, plastic etc. It removes light fat, grease, oils, dirt etc. This mild cleanser can be used as dish wash, tray wash etc., in bakery, snack food and other such off plants. High foaming capacity of it easy to apply on equipment by using foaming devices. modern sanitation uses multi-purpose cleaners to reduce cost. A-Z KLIN does just that with its mild caustic and alkalies and surfactants. It wets, penetrates soils then comes off with a little scrub, high pressure wash or with final rinse. It can be used on equipments, floor walls etc. GREASE OFF is an effective, ready to use solvent based degreaser. This moderately foaming liquid is very active on carbonized oils, fats, grease and sludge. The multiple uses of GREASE OFF makes it a versatile cleanser for walls, floor, equipment, oven and grill in restaurant and so on. It is ideal for candy, bakery, diary, meat, poultry and other industrial production areas. Degreasing is a norm in food plants and other industrial plants. GREASETER is a very good product to serve that purpose. It is a solvent and surfactant blend liquid soap for general degreasing applications. Apply any way your prefer and it will give you good cleaning action. It may even be used as a multi-purpose cleanser due to its concentrated formula. Shine is the name of the game for CAT-16. After cleaning the equipment with high alkaline cleaners like AQUAFOAM, CAT-55, CAT-64 etc. spray with CAT-16 to get a high shine on your stainless steel equipment. It is also used on soft metal to clean and bring out the shine.
Non-caustic heavy duty alkaline, self-foaming detergent KLINALL, removes all kinds of soils like dirt, dough, fat, grease and oil. It is an economical multi-purpose powdered cleanser for meat, poultry, fish plants as well as dairies, bakeries, beverage and breweries. It provides penetrating suds to loosen soil for easy removal. The versatile product is a multi-purpose concentrated liquid detergent, KLIN EZ removes light grease, fat, and other food soils found in bakeries, dairies canning plants, snack food plants, restaurants, cafeterias and so forth. its strength comes from different surfactants that are well mixed to form uniform liquid cleanser. Today many companies look for a fairly safe and sound cleaner to remove food soils. KLIN EZ 32 is the answer for them. The foaming and cleaning action comes from mild alkalies and strong surfactants. Easy to mis with water to start cleaning right away, KLIN EZ 32 works will on almost all food soils to be removed of all kings of surfaces. CAT-SHINE is a heavy duty powder with acid cleaner and brightener to provide best cleaning and scale removing. Water stains, scales and rust crust are rid by CAT-SHINE. As the name says, it is an excellent equipment shiner, especially stainless steel, glass, copper and brass. The concentrated formula is ideal for beverage, soup, breweries, bottling and other such plants. Its non-foaming characteristics make it ideal for C.I. P. acid rinse. As the name implies, LIMAOUT is an excellent product for removal of lime build up. This blend of acids formula works very well on scales, milk deposits and lime deposits. LIMA OUT penetrates organic and inorganic soils and softens it. This action makes it nice and easy removal of soil with potable water rinse. LIMA OUT is recommended for tortillerias, dairies, bakeries, breweries, and so forth. It is an ideal product to brighten the stainless steel equipment after alkaline wash.
Known for its solvent power. MEGA CLEAN, is a multipurpose alkaline liquid cleaner. It is excellent for removing sugars, fats, oils, burnt soils. For heavy traffic areas, like around shipping docks this products provides the strong action needed to remove rubber marks, oil spots, gunk and dirt found left behind by fork lift movements. Due to its solvent strength, maintenance people love MEGA CLEAN. A highly concentrated version of MEGA CLEAN mainly used for soak tank solution. Not only for food processing areas, but MEGA CLEAN II is used right on the dock area to clean motor oil, grease and gunk left behind by trucks. This unique blend of solvent serves as multi-use of cleaner. When used by hand brush, steam cleaning machine or pressure spray machine as a degreaser. This is definitely THE multipurpose cleaner. Distinct polar solvents based formula with very good foaming action makes it a wonder of cleaners. This characteristics makes it an inventory reducing cleaning compound. Profoam's neutral formula makes it possible for use on all kinds of surfaces. More importantly, it does not leave any deposits which makes it top of the multipurpose cleaning list. Formulated for scouring purpose. SCOUR POWER is a mild alkaline detergent with chlorine to remove stains. This free flowing powder contains blend of surfactant for easy rinsing. Used with scrubbing device or manually, SCOUR POWER provides cleaning action to go along with power packed suspending soil in the rinse water without leaving any deposit on surfaces. Industrial operation like food plants benefit for this product. A multipurpose liquid, SOLUCLEAN is a heavy duty cleanser with a strong blend of solvents. It is a formula with power to remove fat, carbonized soils,grease, dirt, gunk, etc. from any surface. Inshore it is a multipurpose maintenance product for food industry.
Crown of all purpose cleaners, SPECTRUM is a concentrated alkaline liquid to remove food soils, dirt, oils and grease found in industrial operations. SPECTRUM can be used on all types of surfaces with proper dilution to degrade and break down the soils. Its rinsability helps to wash the soils along with the detergent itself. Application of SPECTRUM are unlimited and may be achieved by any type of mechanical device even manual use is highly effective, for example in dish wash or tray wash. To say "SUPER SPECTRUM" is putting it mildly for multipurpose use. Super mix of detergents, oil and dirt emulsifying agent, saponifying agent and drying agent. SPECTRUM II should come to mind when you hear the word "clean". In its category of multi use detergents. It can be used without worry about deposit or streaks on glass, table tops, floor, walls and lots of other surfaces that needs to be free soils. During the course of cleaning. SPECTRUM II goes along anywhere from office to the dock area of industrial soil removal. Super blend of moderate alkalies and surfactant, this powder detergents is for stainless steel and soft metal cleaning. When used as soaking solution it gives very good results removing all kinds of food soils. SUPER SOFT can be used with high pressure washers, this characteristics makes it useful in Bakery, Dairy, Snack Food and other such food plants.