CAT-1 CAT-5 CAT-11 CAT-15 CAT-16
CAT-1 is phosphoric acid based, USDA approved , liquid cleanser. Its combined formula with high foaming surfactants makes it easy for it to loosen the soil. This working action of CAT-1 helps the removal of soil with rinse water. With rust inhibitors, it enhances the equipment life. CAT-1 also shines stainless steel equipment, since it removes the alkali build up. These active characteristics make it ideal for dairies, creameries, milk, cheese, beverage, soup, meat and other such food plants to help remove milk stone, scale build up and to shine equipment. The controlled foaming acid based formula is an ideal product for cleaning closed circulated systems like CIP. CAT-5, an unique blend of acid with low foaming surfactants helps remove soils and mineral deposits from equipment and piping. It works great on all sorts of surfaces making it a versatile cleanser. CAT-5 is a must for dairies, creameries, cheese, milk, beverage and other such food plants with CIP system. It can also be used in, bakeries, canning, soup and meat plants. CAT-11 is a highly concentrated, specifically formulated acid cleanser for removal of milk stone, scale build up and alkaline build up. It is an excellent product for brightening stainless steel equipment. CAT-11 IS ideal for CIP systems. It is useful for lime removal as well as rust removal. This product is safe when used as directed. CAT-11 is a versatile cleaner for dairies, bottling breweries, soup plants and all such other food plants. CAT-15 is a unique blend with surfactants and acids. The highly active acid formula works wonders on tough scales and lime build up. Alkaline build up is easily removed with this product. Wetting agents within the product makes it easy to penetrate the soil and the surfactant suspends the soil for easy and active removal with a warm water rinse. CAT-15 is very good for plants like dairies, beverage, soup plants and breweries. Meat plants, where high alkaline products are used to remove fat, benefit using this product as well. Shine is the name of the game for CAT-16. After cleaning the equipment with high alkaline cleaners like AQUAFOAM, CAT-55, CAT-64 etc. spray with CAT-16 to get a high shine on your stainless steel equipment. It is also used on soft metal to clean and bring out the shine.
CAT-17 is an acid cleaner for C.I.P. systems. After wash of C.P.P. with CAT-52, CAT-55, CAT-76 or 77, an acid rinse is given with CAT-17 solution to rid the C.I.P. of alkaline build up. It neutralizes and washes away with water in the final rinse. CAT-17 can also be used where there is no need of foaming acid to give a shiny look to equipment. Lime removal and other general cleaning can be achieved with CAT-18 solution. It has wetting and penetrating agents to work on soils to loosen them for easy removal. Cat-18 is very effective on rust or to remove water scales and milk stones. CAT-18 also neutralizes build up and other alkaline solutions. CAT-18 can be used with mechanical device or manually. This blend of acids and solvents cleans and shines metal surfaces at the same time. While CAT-20 loosens and removes water scales, milk stones, rust and other soils. Since it is non-foaming and solvent based it can also be used in C.I.P. systems. CAT-SHINE is a heavy duty powder with acid cleaner and brightener to provide best cleaning and scale removing. Water stains, scales and rust crust are rid by CAT-SHINE. As the name says, it is an excellent equipment shiner, especially stainless steel, glass, copper and brass. The concentrated formula is ideal for beverage, soup, breweries, bottling and other such plants. Its non-foaming characteristics make it ideal for C.I. P. acid rinse. As the name implies, LIMAOUT is an excellent product for removal of lime build up. This blend of acids formula works very well on scales, milk deposits and lime deposits. LIMA OUT penetrates organic and inorganic soils and softens it. This action makes it nice and easy removal of soil with potable water rinse. LIMA OUT is recommended for tortillerias, dairies, bakeries, breweries, and so forth. It is an ideal product to brighten the stainless steel equipment after alkaline wash.