Black denaturant formulated from stable dye to provide uniform denaturing liquid. This concentrated liquid. This concentrated liquid is ideal for meat processors to denature discarded meat. Used on all portions of condemned meat, it alters color of meat so it can easily be understood that it is the meat is not for human consumption. This canals be used to prevent use of meat for pet food. This is a mean green meat denaturant that alters the red color of meat. It is mixed with water and sprayed on to pathologically condemned meats. The altered color lets people know that the meat is not for human consumption. CAT-GREEN should be sprayed on all portions of meat carcasses to prevent its use for human. Commonly known as white oil, CAT-OIL is a non-staining, non-emulsifying, water-displacing formula for food plants. It prevents rust on all kinds of metal parts, sand-blasted surfaces etc. CAT-OIL is invaluable in protecting rusting of machinery and other equipment in food industries. It can be removed by alkaline soaps when necessary. Hot red color concentrated denaturant made with stable dye serves the purpose of denaturing meat to prohibit its use for human. Goes along very well with the red color meat, CAT-RED can be used on meat, poultry, pork and so on. This denatured portions are used for pet food. CAT-RED color does not alter the meat and it does not have any particular odor. These characteristics make it the desired denaturant. HOT-SCALED is an aid in the degrading of hog carcasses by influencing the wetting of hair follicles and by emulsifying oils surrounding the embedded hair follicles in the eperdis of the hog carcass. This powder dehairing detergent helps the complete removal of hair by the beaters in the dehairing machine. HOT-SCALD yields whiter and cleaner hogs.
Brilliant formulation of potent detergent and an excellent wetting agent, HOT-SCALD LIQUID, adds in action of faster removal of hair. The chemical composition not only aids in dehairing but it cleans very effectively at the same time. This dual action makes hogs cleaner, whiter and hairless at a faster rate. The solution of HOT-SCALD LIQUID II and water works directly onto hair follicles. It loosens the root of hair so it can easily be removed by the beaters in the dehairing machine. It is not harsh on skin. HOT-SCALD LIQUID II yields better looking, intact and cleaner hogs. Lubrication is the for for all mechanical equipment to prolong their life and keep them moving freely. OIL-O-TROL is the lubricant for trolley, hooks and rollers to smooth their motion while carrying meat carcasses to minimize friction and reduce wear and tear. The exposure to cold in freezer does not alter its action. Use it for smooth operation. This product is specially formulated to clean beef tripe at slaughtering houses. It resulted from careful study of tripe cleaning. It prevents saponification of tripe fat to enhance better yield TRIPE CLEANER is low in alkalinity to maintain the PH near neutral when rinsed with water. TRIPE CLEANER II is a potent beef tripe cleaner for slaughter houses. It cleans very effectively without jeopardizing the higher yield. This is achieved by low alkaline unique formula to prevent fat washing away. This is the apex of tripe cleaners.
TRIPE WHITE is a special whitening formula for best tripe. It has a concentrated bleaching agent which leaves beef tripe white and clean. Due to the strength of action, less is used, so it's concentrated yet economical. TRIPE WHITE is best used in tripe cleaning machines in slaughter houses. This powder based concentrated bleaching agent works well oral types of meat carcasses where bleaching is desired to whiten and brighten the carcasses. It can be used for tripes, heads, feet etc. along with the alkaline cleaners like TRIPE CLEANERS. TROLLEY CLEANER is an excellent product for removal of oils, grease, dirt and light rust for trolleys in meat packing plants. It used in soak tanks to clean stainless steel, black iron and plastic surfaces. When equipment is soaked in the solution, fat, old lubricating oil and grease comes off when rinsed with a high pressure water hose. Lubrication is must for any area where there is friction due to motion. TROLLEY OIL is an economical and viscous liquid for lubrication of trolleys, hooks, rollers and other such parts. It provides excellent lubrication prolonging the life of equipment. Dual action of cleaning and bleaching by TWC TRIPE keeps the tripe machine operator free. It contains cleansers as well as bleaching agents to produce nice, clean, white tender looking tripe. It does not saponify fat thus keeping suds down for easy rinse with water providing higher yield.