CAT-SAN is an all around Quat solution designed for hospitals, food processing plants, dairies, restaurants, bars, animal quarters, kennels and institutions where disinfection, sanitization and deodorization is of prime importance. It can be used on hard surfaces like walls, floors, sink tops, table, chair, bed frames etc. It deodorizes areas like storage areas, empty garbage bins and cans, and pet areas. CAT-SAN is used in general sanitation even to sanitize unbroken egg shells. This is a low-foaming Iodophor for sanitation. This concentration of the solution makes it very economical due to its high dilution levels per gallon of water. CAT-SAN ID is used in beer bottling, soft-drink bottling, milk bottling and food canning industries. It is used to sanitize tanks, vats, equipment and piping as well as floors, conveyors, walls, and other hard surfaces and containers. Ideal for dairies and other milk product plants, CAT-SAN QD is completely soluble in hot or cold water and cleans in water to 1700 ppm of hardness (as calcium carbonate) to form solution. This acidic Quat cleaner and sanitizer can be used on bulk milk tanks, mixers, other utensils, milk equipment, even cow udders. Cleaner and sanitizers for hands. CSH is a superior hand washing and sanitizing compound for use in food processing plants, food handling plants, veterinary clinics and animal handling facilities. This iodine based hand cleaner effectively kills microorganisms on contact. Routine use of this thick lather producing liquid will reduce bacterial contamination on hands.
The chlorine solution delivers cleaning action working well on stains, mildew and fungi. It removes fat, sugars, dough, dyes, stains of vegetable peels and fruit juices etc. SAN-FI-CHLOR can be added to other alkaline cleaners to enhance stain removing characteristic. It is an economical cleaning compound to have around at all types or food plants. SAN-FIT-CHLOR is a high performance chlorine based cleaner for all types of cleaning. It powerfully removes stains as well as removing fatty soils. The concentrated formula makes it potent yet very economical. Food plants such as fisheries benefit from it because it removes mildew and fungi causing slippery floors. Categorized as an ALL purpose cleaner, SAN-TE-CHLOR is a very good chlorinated product. Its available chlorine removes all types of food soil as well as works very well on mildew, fungi and stains. SAN-TE-CHLOR is recommended for fish plants, dairy, bakery, bottling and other food plants. GRISOLVE, oil grease and dirt remover is ideal to clean equipment, motors, chains, rollers and surrounding floor. It makes petroleum based oil and grease cleaning easy and works wall on wax, ink, dyes, etc. It can be sprayed on, or parts can be soaked in the solution for best results.
This neutral PH viscous liquid is specially made for hand washing. SAFE HANDS may be used for dish washing and other utensils cleaning. The rich lather produced by SAFE HANDS deep cleans skin to remove dirt and stain. This U.S.D.A. approved this product for use in food plants.