ALL METAL CLEANER is a moderate alkaline detergent. It is safe to use on all types of metal surfaces as well as other surfaces like plastic, wood and concrete. Italians and rinses very well. ALL METAL CLEANER gives excellent result when used as soaking detergent. This powder works great in high pressure machines. ALL METAL CLEANER is USDA approved for all types of food processing establishments. BOWL CLEANER is a fine formula of acid and surfactant. This fast acting acid formula works very well on porcelain, enamel, stainless steel, and plastics. It can be used to remove yellow stains, gunk and scum found in toilets, bowls, tanks and sinks. It water scales area problem. BOWL CLEANER is the product to use to girghten the problem found areas. CAT-FOAM is a potent foaming agent. It can be readily be mixed within PH solution to get thick clinging foam. When this new solution to get thick clinging foam. When this new solution is applied to soiled areas with foamed, the foam prolongs the contact time to loosen soils. Thus CAT-FOAM emulsifies and dispenses the soil. When trough water rinse is applied the area becomes nice and clean. Life of transport equipment, conveyors, chains and gears as well as its smooth operation depends on lubrication. CAT-LUBE provides the needed lubrication to minimize wear and tear and at the same time keeps them clean for smooth movements. It is U.S.D.A. approved for food plants and beverage plants. Frost and ice build up is normally found in food processing plants freezers. When time comes to clean them, DEFROST can be sprayed to freeze or remove ice as well of clean the area. If does not freeze or become a thick gym liquid. Using low pressure sprayer the solution is applied on to ice and soiled areas. After few minutes, a through rinse is given to clean the surface.
Automatic machines for egg washing increase output by using detergent which contains foam controlling agents. EGG TERG, an alkaline powder cleans and removes stains effectively leaving eggs brighter and fresh looking. It can be used in all types of machines in egg farms. Egg washing is made easy and quicker by reducing down time using antifoaming agents to subside foam especially when broken egg contaminate the washing solutions. EGG TERG II, a potent alkaline powder is formulated for use in brush and spray machines and other high volume automatic machines. It makes eggs brighter, whiter and cleans them os they appear fresh and clean. Formulated from all natural ingredients, GRISGONE is a unique grease remover. This environmentally safe product fits cleaning needs of meat, poultry, dairy, baking and other food plants. Used on floors, walls, equipment, this natural cleanser cleans as well as provides freshness with its aroma of oranges. The distinctive action sas a drain opener, GRISGON is ideal for areas where food soils find their way into sewer causing it to clog. GRISOLVE, oil grease and dirt remover is ideal to clean equipment, motors, chains, rollers and surrounding floor. It makes petroleum based oil and grease cleaning easy and works wall on wax, ink, dyes, etc. It can be sprayed on, or parts can be soaked in the solution for best results. ODOROUT is a deodorizing, fragrance releasing concentrated liquid. Its long lasting perfume is ideal for non-processing areas. ODOROUS makes the workplace fresh including; office areas, hallways, washrooms, elevators, cafeterias. These areas become pleasant places to e around. It freshens waste collecting areas, containers like bins and cans and other such places where foul smelling bacterial growth occurs.
Super drain opener OPEN UP is highly alkaline and combines with aluminum chips and surfactant to dissolve clogs and keep them dissolved. This product generates heat when it comes in contact with water thus loosening the clog. OPEN UP keeps the blockage dissolved for removal with water. When used regularly, the sewer stays nice and clean with no food and bacteria build up. TRUCK WASH is superb formula to clean painted surfaces like exterior surfaces of trucks, trailers, pick-ups, Vans, RVs etc. It removes oil, grease, dirt and grime from exterior of those above mentioned. Buses and automotive equipment can also be cleaned with this powder detergent. It leaves no streaks on metal surfaces, glass or plastics.